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We are a Training Centre that does training for Caregivers as well as the Doula Course.

The concept of a doula is not new. Personal support by a close friend or relative through labour is a tradition that goes back many years in all cultures. Some women do not live in close-knit communities where their sisters, mothers, aunts, and friends are there to support them through pregnancy, childbirth and motherhood. These events can be scary and can make a woman feel lost if she has to experience them alone. In the rural community we have found that a lot of mothers have no support and end up not understanding what is happening to their bodies and don’t understand what is happening during labour as there is no one to assist them. They often give birth alone in many cases at home. We have heard from our own students horrific tales of self birth and death that follows with the dispare that comes with no support. It is for this reason that  our principal Dr Boshoff has specifically designed this course to alleviate the skills shortages in the rural communities.

A doula helps fill this gap by providing support to the woman and her partner or support system throughout the childbearing year. A doula does not replace the support system; instead, they help support them so that they can focus on loving and encouraging the labouring woman. Doulas can serve as a source of information during pregnancy, labour and birth. A doula assists families in gathering information about their pregnancy, labour and the options available for delivery.

Their goal is to provide continuous physical, emotional, and informational support before and during labour, birth, and the immediate postpartum period. The intent of a doula is to help the woman have a safe and satisfying experience, as the woman defines it.

Once the doula has completed her course she is awarded with a certificate acknowledged by the Doula Association of South Africa signed by Dr Boshoff.